Agri Capital, Inc.

Real Estate Lending
Agri Capital provides secured financing to farm owners that are unable to secure traditional financing.

Real Estate Brokerage
When acquiring agricultural property, strict assessment of price, water, soil, crop suitability, potential yields, and farm costs must be taken into account.  This task can be exceptionally difficult for those who do not have in-house, multi-disciplined agricultural expertise.

Agri Capital offers a full-service agricultural real estate brokerage.  As agricultural specialists, we can establish fair values for farm and ranch properties and locate farm investments that meet the strict standards we have established for our clients.

In order to maintain focus on operating and administration efficiencies, Agri Capital does not accept new real estate brokerage clients with less than $1,000,000 in liquid reserves available for long-term investment.

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Madera Ag Supply, Inc.

Madera Ag Supply is committed to providing a wide range of supplies to farmers, labor contractors, manufacturers, and food processing companies. We buy directly from manufacturers throughout the world in bulk quantities. This allows us to negotiate drastically better prices which we in turn pass on to our customers.

Madera Ag Supply strives to carry exactly what our customers need to get the job done. Providing the right products at the right prices in a way that grows the business is the mission of Madera Ag Supply Inc.

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Agri Systems, Inc.

As an affiliate of Agriland Farming Company, Inc., Agri Systems provides Almond and Pistachio Harvesting, Orchard Hedging and Topping, Soil Amendment Spreading, Orchard Canopy Spraying, Trucking, and Soil Amendment Application to Agriland clients in addition to 3rd party clients.

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