Farm Management: Our Vision

Agriland Farming Company, Inc. is a full service farm management firm dedicated to provide “turnkey” services and first class quality unmatched in the industry.

Our Crop

Based in the heart of California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley and caring for over 27,000 acres, Agriland focuses on crops that take advantage of the uniqueness of California’s climate and soil. These include pistachios, almonds, walnuts, grapes, citrus, and figs – crops that are not labor intensive, which are more efficiently farmed through mechanization, and can be stored for extended periods of time after harvest for minimized price volatility.

Client First Management

Founded on a solid commitment to integrity, Agriland has developed a reputation for putting clients first – every time. The firm’s top priority is to grow and protect its clients’ crops with the same care and attention to detail as if they were its own. Many of Agriland’s clients have steadily expanded their farmland holdings as they come to rely on the honesty and respect that drive every decision the firm makes and every action it takes.

Managing Every Aspect

Agriland is structured to meet the specialized needs of absentee farmland owners by managing every aspect of farm ownership. We assist owners on new land acquisitions through our affiliate real estate brokerage firm Agri Capital, Inc.. Agriland provides all consulting and management for new development projects, undertakes all aspects of daily orchard and vineyard operations, manages all harvesting activities through our affiliate custom harvesting company Agri Systems, Inc., and arranges for the sale of the crop. In addition, Agriland assists many clients by handling their banking needs, and providing legal and tax support to client accountants, wealth managers and attorneys.

Accountability through Accounting

Transparency is essential in establishing trust between a farm manager and each farm management client. Each year our ranch management team meets to evaluate and discuss the current and future needs of each orchard and vineyard. From these meetings we produce and submit to the client a specialized farming budget from which our supervisors will operate during the coming year. This budget details our monthly expense projections for each ranch by farming category (Cultivation, Pollination, Harvest, Etc.) and by expense component (Labor, Material, Contract Service, Etc.). Clients are then invoiced as expenses are incurred each month. Attached to this invoice is a report showing how expenses compare to the original budget by category and expense component. This enables our clients to track and compare how the actual charges relate to our original operating plan and budget.

Our Team

Agriland places a high priority on the excellence of its management team. With over 200 years of combined farm management experience, Agriland is able to draw from a deep well of knowledge. Even with all of this experience, we believe it is essential to utilize the latest innovations in cultural practices. For this reason, Agriland requires all of its managers and supervisors to attend continuing education courses offered by agricultural universities and associations.

Economies of Scale

In the current economic climate, where every dollar matters, growers must find the most efficient and profitable use of their money. Because of our operational size of over 27,000 acres, Agriland is able to source materials used in orchards and vineyards at the lowest cost. Through Agriland’s billing procedure, these materials are billed to the client at the same cost that we pay for them. Chemicals and Materials are not marked up. Contract Services are not marked up. For these activities, you pay what we pay. Economies of scale also matter when it comes to selling your crop, as many processors pay premium prices to larger growers.

Client and Partner Testimonials

 “Agriland is among the very few quality outfits that have been able to successfully engage their management staff in sincerely caring for each of their orchards under management."  Dave Baker, Director of Member Relations for Blue Diamond Growers – the world’s largest processor and marketer of almonds.

"I want you to know how much I appreciate the professionalism of Agriland.  You developed and lead an organization that knows its stuff, delivers very good results (like this past seasons pistachio crop in the third drought year), and keeps growers informed.  I read every word of your progress reports.  Thank you for your high standards!"  Neil N. Koening, PhD (Client) 


Founded in 1990 by James R. Maxwell, Agriland Farming Company started in Madera County California with approximately 1,800 acres. As Agriland has gained the confidence of its clients through dedication to our “client first” management style and transparent accounting practices, it has grown to manage over 27,000 acres and, according to American Fruit Grower Magazine, is the 3rd largest Nut grower in the United States. Agriland’s farm management segment has grown steadily as a result of “Word of Mouth” referrals and from significant expansion on the part of existing clients who annually increase their agricultural holdings.

Business Philosophy
Agriland Farming Co., Inc.
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