Safety Matters

Agriland’s dedication to safety is unmatched in the farm management industry. Our management team routinely conducts “mock” OSHA inspections during which they randomly examine each farming division to verify that all safety equipment (eye protection, helmets, safety vests, coveralls, etc.) are properly used, that all waste facilities are clean and in good working order, that all equipment is in good working order and that all safety devices and guards are in place. Agriland is a “Partner in Safety” of AgSafe, a safety organization dedicated to safe farming practices, and we routinely participate in their safety conferences and courses. In addition, Agriland is a sponsor of the annual safety training seminars presented by the Madera County Farm Bureau. In order to help employees maintain high safety standards, Agriland supervisors conduct frequent “tail gate” meetings to review and reinforce safety guidelines and safe practices. Agriland also instituted a safety incentive program over 10 years ago in which employees receive bonuses and prizes for safe work during the year.