Business Philosophy Of Agriland Farming Co., Inc.

As written November 1990 

Service Our Clientele

We will provide high value in product quality and service to our clients. As a personal services and management company, we are first committed to exceeding the needs of our clients by providing superior farm management and related services and intend to be very responsive to our clients.


We believe the people in our company are our most important resource and that they respond positively to recognition, involvement, courtesy, and appreciation of their efforts. We believe everyone benefits when people feel involved, are free to participate, have their opinions considered, and clearly see the opportunity to develop.
We will hire in the context of a mutual expectation between the company and the employee that a long-term partnership is being formed.

The Work Environment

We believe that a lean, hard-working organization contributes to controlling our client’s costs, helps maintain stable employment, and provides a greater opportunity for job enrichment and added responsibility. We believe in enthusiasm at all levels and we want people who do their jobs very well and who expect their co-workers to do likewise. We expect employees to avoid the “need” for bureaucracy by building teamwork.


Agriland Farming Company will create and maintain a reputation of being leaders through excellence in the eyes of our clients, our peers and competitors, and our existing and prospective employees. In order to achieve this, we intend to have an uncompromising commitment to quality in all that we do.

Management and Organization

We seek a company that is flexible, innovative, responsive, and entrepreneurial in style. We favor simplicity. We want action. We are results-oriented and favor substance, and form, and quality over quantity.

We seek an organization that understands the constant need to innovate and adapt to change and which effectively renders the best possible farm management service to its clients, while continually developing its capabilities. A true measurement of profit and growth can only be made in a long-term context. Our strategies and motivations cannot succumb to the rewards and gratification of today only. Tomorrow will always be with us. For the foreseeable future, a substantial portion of profits will be reinvested in the company to enhance growth and our capacity to efficiently meet the needs of our clients.

Our Business Precepts

We believe our prosperity in the future depends on our doing the right things today. Uncontrolled or excessive growth is the antithesis of achieving and maintaining our position of being leaders through excellence. Therefore, our rate of growth must never compromise our reputation for excellence, our commitments to our existing clients and employees, or our profit margins.

Competitive urgency is one of the driving forces for action.

We believe in an informal, consensus style of management and the fundamental principles of honesty, integrity, excellence, hard work and fun.
The responsibility for the successful implementation of this philosophy begins with top management and involves every employee.